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Orage, as of ; previously J. Orage uncredited , C. Douglas], et al. Under his administration, a number of significant reforms were passed, including the controversial Parliament Act, which removed veto power on financial legislation from the House of Lords and otherwise reduced their political clout in a number of ways. Asquith worked to form a coalition government in the first two years of the war, but his efforts to prevail over partisan politics were largely unsuccessful, and the Conservatives in his cabinet with the public support of Lord Northcliffe's newspapers managed effectively to undermine his authority.

Belloc, Hilaire The French-born but English-educated and later naturalized British citizen Belloc was an extraordinarily prolific writer, poet, novelist, essayist, historian and historical biographer, and political journalist who wrote for The New Age from Belloc strongly advocated British involvement in the First World War on the side of France; in , he produced several texts for the War Propaganda Bureau, and he later worked as a war correspondent for Jim Allison's magazine, Land and Water.

Chesterton, G. Chesterton's many contributions to literary biography include studies of William Blake, Charles Dickens and Robert Browning. A convert to Roman Catholicism from Unitarianism and a great friend of Hilaire Belloc, Chesterton departed from socialist circles and joined Belloc in advocating a policy of Distributism. Together, the two men wrote a series of articles challenging Fabianism, and in they began editing The Eye-Witness. An anti-pacifist and in many respects a conservative joining Belloc in opposing women's suffrage, among other issues , he nonetheless often espoused unpopular political positions and was regarded by his admirers as an independent thinker.

He was one of a small number of vocal opponents of the Boer War, and in , he published one of very few outspoken attacks on the project of eugenics. Fabian Society Founded in , the Fabian Society was a socialist organization committed to bringing about change in the economic system, though gradually, and not by revolutionary means. The Fabians, allied with trade unions, played a decisive role in founding the Labour Party in , and they published a number of progressive essays and tracts which often proved influential in political and intellectual circles.

Wells and George Bernard Shaw were some of the Society's most eminent early members. Quite a few prominent writers for The New Age in this period were or had at one point been members of the Society, and to a large extent, Fabianism shaped the political and economic positions of the journal in its early days on a variety of issues. Leverhulme purchased the Hebridean islands of Lewis and Harris in In , he was named Minister of Munitions, and the following year, Minister of War.

Later in , he replaced Asquith as Prime Minister after a Parliamentary upset instigated by Asquith's Conservative opponents, with whom Lloyd George had formed a cautious and temporary alliance.

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He played a decisive role in the negotiations leading to the final Armistice. Unlike his predecessor, Lloyd George at first adopted an aggressive policy towards Ireland, but he later participated in negotiating the Anglo-Irish Treaty of , and it was under his administration that the Irish Free State was established in Though met with fierce opposition from the papacy and its defenders, this minority movement gained currency over the years and continued into the 20th century.

In , Pope Pius X issued two texts, the Lamentabili sane exitu and the Pascendi Dominici gregis , condemning Modernism and insisting that all Catholic priests swear an oath against it. At the time of this volume's publication, prominent Catholic clergy and thinkers, including George Tyrell, Alfred Loisy and others, had for several years been seeking to redefine the relationship between doctrine and practice in a critique of Catholicism.

Debates among Modernists, defenders of the Church and secularists find expression in an exchange between A. Randall and Leo Ward in this volume of The New Age : , , , , , and National Guilds First developed by Arthur J. Penty in , in his Restoration of the Guild System , and later reformulated by S.

Hobson, the theory of National Guilds posited that reform of industry would be best accomplished through a system of collective ownership of the means of production by the workforce itself.

The idea of the guild, modeled after its medieval counterpart, was based in part upon Catholic theology and on the premise that a return to an older order of social relations was both possible and preferable to the expansion of industrial super-production and free trade. Though initially supported by A. Orage, Penty's form of Guild Socialism was later rejected around the time of publication of Vol.

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David Lloyd George, upon taking office as the next Prime Minister, offered Northcliffe a cabinet position, fearing the prospect of his opposition. This offer was declined. In , however, Northcliffe accepted an offer from Lord Beaverbrook, then Minister of Information, to assume responsibility for war propaganda; he resigned from government on Armistice Day. Though the casualties of this insurrection were significant and its effects damaging in more ways than one, the aftermath of Easter Week also served to make clear that a dramatic change in British policy toward Ireland was necessary.

In , after the Fourth Home Rule Bill of the previous year had been rendered void, British Parliament finally recognized and entered into negotiations with an Irish Free State albeit under dominion status with the passage of the Anglo-Irish Treaty. Social Credit Developed by Major C. Douglas in collaboration with A. Orage , the Social Credit scheme was an attempt to provide a succinct theoretical model of the economics of guild socialism.

This text calls for the reform of the British economic system and for the redefinition of credit so as to remove the power of issuing credit from the control of private banks and to distribute it instead among voluntary collectives of workers. In , the Council formed its Volunteer Force — a militia in training to attack the new Irish government in Belfast in the event that a Home Rule bill was passed in British Parliament.

When England entered the First World War, this Volunteer Force became the 36th Ulster Division, which fought bravely and lost a great number of its soldiers in action in the Battle of Somme.

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After the war, when conflict between Irish separatists and British unionists resumed and Home Rule legislation was taken up once again in Parliament, Ulster remained the seat of bitter opposition within Ireland. We live in an age of miracles. Four old Empires will have disappeared in the course of four years; and twice four new nations have arisen to take their place. Les rois sont morts; vivent les nations!

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