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In its original era, it was also a response to the ornamentation of the Victorian home. Craftsman-style homes were built from approximately until the Great Depression. They were constructed all over the country and can be found scattered in most older Bay Area neighborhoods. Many homebuyers look specifically for the Craftsman-style home and make a project of restoring it to its original glory.

There are definitely Craftsman bungalow-specific enthusiasts, and this website is an excellent resource for them and those who want to learn more. This movement was the inspiration behind the Craftsman-style home.

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Built from to , it was said to be the first American architecture style. Prairie-style homes feature an open floor plan, strong horizontal lines, a central chimney, and built-in cabinetry. What does Sears have to do with the Craftsman home? The department store actually sold them through its catalog from to It sold approximately , kits that were shipped to buyers via boxcar and came with instruction books and 10, to 30, pieces.

Country houses aspire to be warm and inviting. They generally have wide porches, shutters, dormers, and wood detailing, according to Snider.


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A Traditional style house is similar to Country style. Traditional houses differ from Country houses in that they pay more attention to historically accurate details than trying to create simple charm, says Snider. European style homes typically evoke styles from France, Italy and sometimes England. There's an emphasis on elements looking old but durable, such as plaster walls, marble or high-quality stone floors, and massive fireplaces. European exteriors may include complicated rooflines, stone, and even copper roof elements.

Ranch homes are a regional style from the West and Southwest but are now found throughout the country. Originally used as housing on ranches, the term has come to mean any single story house, Snider explains. Because the entire house is on one floor, Ranch houses can be sprawling.

The Ranch house became the quintessential modern house in the s and ' Farmhouses are found throughout much of the country.

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The foundations are rectangles usually with one or more additions; roof lines are also simple. Farmhouses follow many 19th century designs, including tall, narrow windows laid out for cross breeze, large porches, wood siding, and may even include a metal roof.

Crafting the History of the Craftsman House

Cottages are smaller houses or bungalows with details that evoke the s, when a typical cottage would have a generous front porch, with a second story typically tucked into the attic. According to Snider, the interior might include built-ins like window seats, display cases or dining booths. The Cottage style is similar to the Craftsman except that the details are simpler, less expensive, and the woodwork is usually painted. Modern homes reference a style popular in the s and '60s.

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Modern houses use flat or lower slope roofs, horizontal windows and large, undecorated fireplaces. They embrace the horizontality of the landscape and automobile culture. The overall effect creates clean lines..

Architecture in Alameda - Sturdy Craftsman to Decorative Queen Anne

The Southern style home is a regional style developed in reaction to the hot, humid Southern climate. Southern houses typically include elements to take advantage of cool breezes such as elevated main living levels, wrap-around porches, large operable shutters, wide roof overhands and verandas. Southern style homes might also have 19th century details found in Plantation houses like monumental columns at the entrance, Snider adds.

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  • Mediterranean style houses evoke homes in southern Spain, France, and Italy. They typically focus on patios, courtyards and verandas as ways to extend the house outdoors.